Stretch! If its the last thing you do..


Have a good look at the stretches in this picture and I would encourage you to get into the practice of using them in your daily life. Each of the stretches corresponds to one of the major meridian (or energy highway) systems of the body. If you are feeling particularly imbalanced in one of the meridians, I recommend doing the related stretch a few times in your day to encourage flow and movement in that part of your body and that region of your life. To learn more about the meridians and their associations have a look below. If you need help figuring this all out give me a call or an email, I love talking about this stuff (and working with it too).

If you do the full series of stretches, you are essentially opening all of your meridians for optimal flow in your life and considering it only takes about 5 minutes, that’s probably the fastest and cheapest way to optimal health. I recommend doing them once in the morning and again before bed, but how ever you can incorporate them will benefit you.


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