True Healing

steps to love

I see my role as a practitioner of wellness as one of support. I will never ‘fix’ anyone or take the reins away from a client and tell them what they need regardless of their own wishes. This does not mean I am not confident in what I do, but it creates a client-therapist relationship based on mutual respect rather than one that is unbalanced where only one person holds the power and authority.

I believe a healers’ job is to support a client every step of the way, to offer options and support their choices.

A person is more than a mass of muscle, skin and bone. The mind stimulates the release of hormones, which shape the body and the emotions and I believe this all needs to be taken into account when working with someone. For this reason I am always working to learn new techniques that can help further the integration of all parts of a person so that they may feel more whole and in-touch with themselves so that in the future they can free themselves from pain and discomfort.

I invite you to come see me if you have been trying to deal with chronic issues, be they muscle tension, digestion or any general imbalance that keeps eluding you. Let’s work together.

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