Protocols and Procedures to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission


  1. Therapist will use COVID-19 self-screening tool daily and will cancel appointments in the event that the therapist is positive for any symptoms.
  2. Patients will be screened at time of booking and 24 hours prior to treatment for symptoms of COVID-19 as well as travel activity within the last 14 days outside of BC or Canada. Each patient will be required to sign a waiver stating they are free of risk factors for transmission at the time of treatment. Patients are required to cancel appointments without consequences if they develop symptoms of any illness.


  1. Therapist will increase cleaning and disinfection activities including regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces between every patient eg. Door handles, faucets, chairs, therapy table and payment hardware.
  2. A hand sanitation station will be available in the reception area for each patient to use upon arrival and departure. Soap, water and clean towels are available in the washroom along with hand washing protocol posters.

Physical Distancing

  1. Patients are asked to arrive alone and a maximum of 5 minutes prior to treatment time. Otherwise patients must wait outside of the clinic or in their cars.
  2. Upon entry to the clinic space, patients and therapists must maintain at least 2 meters or 2 arm lengths between themselves and others.
  3. Physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room; risk is reduced but not eliminated by enhanced screening and hygiene protocols.

Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Therapist will wear a cloth mask during treatment to reduce the spread of respiratory particles.
  2. Patients are asked to provide their own cloth or disposable mask for portions of the treatment where risk of transmission is highest. Disposable masks will be available to those who forget to bring a mask.

For further information about procedures and responses to COVID-19 within the practice of Massage Therapy please visit the CMTBC website at